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Crawford County Autism Awareness


Crawford County Autism Awareness has an Autism Support group on the 2nd Tuesday of the month that meets at 6pm at Highland.

September 2019 -  Family Matters will be coming from Charleston to speak on Sensory Needs, behaviors and IEP’s. We expect a great turn out including parents, educators, therapist and community members.

October 2019- Justine Thole with Tobii Dynavox will be coming from St. Louis to speak about the importance of electronic communication devices to those with speech delay, the options on how to get a device and how to better use your device if you already have one. CC Autism Aewareness plans to bring a valued speaker each month to touch on issues relevant to autism, such as a variety of therapies including, speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, ABA therapy, and Equine therapy. They are also planning to provide speakers on topics such as dentistry and toileting. In the future we plan to provide sensory friendly events to encourage inclusion such as Cookies and Canvas and A Day with Slime, open to the entire community. 

Apri 2020 - Autism Awareness month.   Autidsm Awareness will be hosting the author Julia Cook from Nebraska, who has written “Uniquely Wired, a book about Autism and its gifts” at all 6 Crawford County elementary schools. Julia will also be providing the community with an education fun night for the whole family. 


For more information, contact Lisa Hartrich