Crawford County Charity Tracker

Charity Tracker is a software program and network that links a number of helping agencies, schools, churches, and other community groups in tracking giving. 
By a confidential system, individuals and families information are submitted into a system that allows other participants to appreciate each person's needs and receipts from other organizations. Charity Tracker has grown to be used as an interagency communocation assistance tool tp assist agencies and others track such items as utility assistance, emergency shelter assistance, clothing, food, and other monitary supports.
In Crawford County the Charity Tracker network was established in the Summer of 2017 with 6 partner agencies participating.  The effort was established to identify service gaps that existed between agencies and to establish an emergency funding process that would assist agencies better meet the needs of individuals and families that "fall between the cracks."  The system presently serves over 30 partners.  The administrator of the network is the United Way office.  Interested agencies wishing to join the network can contact Barbara Shimer the Community Resource Representative by calling 618-562-8703 or emailing at