Covid-19 Economic Relief Initiative Grant (ERI) 

[Agencies and Organizations eligible are any of the following: a UWKC Partner Agency, a Charity Tracker Member or other 501c3 agency or program offering similar services]
Instructions for Use of Portal & Process for Grant Review
1. Click on the link below to take you to the Knox County Community Foundation Grant Portal set up for the Covid-19 ERI grant.  
2. If you have previously applied for a grant with the KCCF then you can proceed directly to the dashboard.  If not, you will be asked to fill out a registration form.
3. At the Dashboard click on choose process – click on Knox County United Covid-19 Economic Relief Initiative. 
a. This will take you to the Applicant Dashboard where you click on the Apply link.
b. Enter Code KNO 
c. Click on Apply and complete the form. 
4. There are 4 phases for which you may apply separately and when available. See addendum for further information on each phase:
a. Emergency Relief (open and ongoing)
b. Early Recovery Period (open June 1, 2020)
c. Medium to Long term recover (open September 1, 2020)
d. Community Development – (Open January 2, 2021)
5. Complete application and click on the submit button.  The application will be immediately forwarded to the Executive Director of the United Way of Knox County.
6. Grant application will then be forwarded to the review committee for consideration and potential approval.
7. Award notification should occur within 7 days of the grant request
8. Grantees will be notified via email initially with steps to determine funding and over what period depending on award amount.  
Grant Phase Descriptions
Emergency Relief(grant available now) Funding in this phase is to directly assist agencies meeting the needs of individuals and families with immediate relief of food insecurity and basic needs. 
Early Recovery Period(grants available June 1, 2020) Funding in this phase will be to assist agencies dealing with requests for rent and utility subsidy, daycare needs, possible school remediation programs, continuing needs for families with limited insurance and benefits.  
Medium and Long Term recovery -  (requests starting in September 2020)  In part will be defined by Town Hall and Agency meetings, interfacing with our Advisory Board and soliciting/processing needs identified by our partner agencies, charity tracker, and system of care.  
Community Develop  - (funds to be available in January 2021)  Looking at grants that assist the overall social service system to be more available, accessible, and responsive.  An example is the one stop shopping concept proposed by the Homeless Task Force.